Ainy's Birthday Party

Maleesha and Ainy
Firstly, let me start by introducing Ainy. She's my daughter's best friend. Whoever have said that little girls are made of sugar and and spice and everything that's nice must have known or met a girl like Ainy because that describes her from head to toe!

They've been in the same class in preschool for four years and I'm sure you can imagine how chummy they must have been. On her birthday Maly called and they talked on the phone for a while. After she hung up, Ainy called again and they chatted for a long time. Her birthday party was on Friday and Maly was so excited. 

So from Sunday to Thursday, the first thing she would ask me every morning was, "Mom, is today Friday? Can we go to Ainy's birthday party?"

And every morning I had to tell her that it was not Friday and she had to wait for a wee  bit more and she would look dissapointed! So to cheer her up, we counted the number of days together. Oh yes, it did work and she would get ready to go to school in a more cheerful mood because she was looking forward to Ainy's birthday party. 

When Maly was in Play School, she used to come home and tell us about Ainy. I was really glad that she had a friend in class. A few days later I met Ainy's mom and apparently, Ainy spoke of Maly too! 

Ainy and Maly are so different. Maly is boisterous and Ainy is quiet. However, when they've been best friends in preschool. I suppose opposites do attract after all. 

I remember the first time I saw Ainy and Niam. It was the orientation day back in 2010. The Principal, preschool coordinator and the teachers met all the parents and kids in their classroom. Niam and Ainy were sitting near us but I don't suppose she would remember us because we were strangers back then! Ainy was so chubby and cute. She looked like a little doll. And Niam looked like a teenager! I thought, "What a young mother!" She hasn't changed a bit and still looks like a fifteen year old high school girl. Seriously! She can wear a CHSE or Villa High School uniform and attend classes and no one would have any idea that she is an impostor.  

We (Niam and I) used to dress up Maly and Ainy in identical out fits for special days. It was so much fun. I really miss calling her up asking about misplaced notices from teachers and preparing them for special days.

Ainy and her mom (Niam)
Like Ainy, Niam is also soft spoken and really nice. She has the biggest heart of all and she's one of the nicest person I know. I never thought that someone like her would be so kind to someone as simple as me. Because in real life, people of her status would never look at people of our class twice and Niam is just the opposite. If there were more Niams', I tell you...this world would be a more happy and beautiful place for all of us to share and I'd always pray for her to be happy and prosperous forever and ever.

Last year, towards the end of the year, Maly and Ainy went to the same tuition class and this is exactly when I knew what a lovely friend Ainy was to my daughter. Maly's tuition teacher told me how Ainy looked out for Maly all the time. She was like her guardian angel and I was so happy that this little angel had been there for my little girl all this time. So, Ainy was not just Maly's best friend, from that moment on wards, she became a very special girl for me as well. 

So you see, Ainy's birthday party was something we both looked forward to because we've missed Ainy and Niam. Maly wanted to get some fairy wand thing for Ainy and my husband had to search all the shops in Male'! Finally Maly agreed to buy something else! Lucky him!

From morning till the afternoon, she kept on asking me, "Mom, is it time to go the party yet?" Yes, finally it was time to got to the party and we had a blast! Well, at least the kids did! I had to chase my one year old hyper ball in the party! Maly had fun with Ainy and  her old classmates from preschool. The kids had super fun and that made my day.


  1. Jhanis said...

    My best friend and I are so different from each other. Sometimes, people just click no matter how different they are. I'm glad to hear that they have found a friend in each other. :)

  2. Aishaz said...

    Thank you Jhanis :) I hope that this friendship would last forever.