Visit to Logos Hope

DAY – 1 (18.12.2013) 

A picture taken from our window on the day it arrived in Maldives. 
Every morning the first thing my children would do as they wake up is open the windows and let the morning sunshine fill up our room. On 18th December, my daughter was very excited when she saw a huge ship. We wondered what it was as it was harboured so close by. There were flags of so many different countries. A few months ago, a floating military hospital visited Male’, so we concluded that it must an important ship.

By mid-day, we learned that it was a floating book fair! How exciting! So in the afternoon we visited the ship as soon as my husband came home. We had to go through the MPA entrance and walk for a little bit. As we entered there were so many staff waiting around with big smiles on their faces.  

We sat on the red wooden bench and a staff explained how the price of the books were units and how it was converted to\ MVR. We were on fourth deck and this deck had books displayed in one area and as we proceed from this area, we enter another lovely display of a story where a guide explained the story. The story is about good choices and bad choices. As the story comes to an end, we enter a little play room and the international cafeteria. From there we further move along towards the exit.


We briefly browsed through the books. Mummu got cranky after about fifteen minutes because he wanted to run and Maly was running up down unable to choose a book to buy. When we went to the other side, Mummu actually started bawling when he saw the balls. We took 2 balls for him and Maly, but unfortunately he wanted all the balls. So we had to quickly pay for the items and move on.

My husband rushed off as Mummu wouldn’t calm down, so Maly and I followed the guide listening to the story. We took some picture and went into the play area to find my son all calm and happy playing with toys. Maly joined her little brother and played for a while. 

Next, we went to the International Cafe. Unfortunately all the snacks were sold out so we just bought some snacks and were enjoying our coffees and ice creams when we met Milena Kronmuller. Maly made a new friend and she was so excited she nearly told her everything within just five minutes. We took more pictures before we came home! Maly loved the huge suite case! 

I came home determined to go back and have a proper look at the books available. 

What I know about Logos Hope 

Logos Hope is actually a charity organization that travels around the world visiting countries to bring hope and spread knowledge. From what I learned from the video clips and the crew, their staff are from 60 different nationalities. How interesting and fun it would be to live in such a multi-diverse community. There are more than 400 staff working on board and they come from all walks of life. They learn new skills as they work in the ship. 

I also heard an elderly staff telling a group of visitors that they were really happy that so many visitors are visiting. They were not expecting such a crowd. Apparently Logos Hope requested to visit Maldives in 1979 and in the late 1980's but their request was rejected for some reason. 

A map of the ship! 

The collection of books on for sale very rich. There were really good children's books. In addition to children's books, there were so many other titles and different genres too. And the price range was quite reasonable as well. 

The volunteers who work in this ship visit orphanages and slums and help people in need. But I don;t think that they visited Kudakudhinge Hiyaa in Villingili. The children would have loved the staff of Logos Hope. I wish that they had. 

Among the volunteers include children as well. Actually their parents volunteer and they join Logos Hope as a family, which is really nice. They have a school in the boat so they wouldn't be missing much education and I believe what they learn from traveling would something that we cannot deliver in a classroom. So these children are very lucky indeed.  

Guessing game...to which country do they belong to? 

DAY - 2 (20.12.2013) 
Waiting in the queue
We went back on Friday and I was actually sad that I didn't come back on 19th! When I came on 18th, there was no queue and we just went visited the ship. However, on Friday there was a long queu and as we queued up, more people kept on coming! Maly and I had to wait for about 30 minutes in the long queue but the visit to the ship was worth it as it was the last day the ship would remain in Maldives. 


The ship was so crowded that Maly and I could hardly get close to most of the bookshelves. We bought just one book and off we went to the International Cafe. There was such a long queue there as well. So I let Maly play in the corner and waited for the queue to get a bit short when we suddenly heard the announcement that the cultural show was about to start! By then Maly was standing in a queue to get a ballon! Yes, there was a queue every where but she also wanted to see the show as badly as I did so we headed towards the amphitheater. Of course, I had to promised her that once the show was over, I would come and get her a balloon! 

The show was awesome! So I would write about the show under a different sub-heading! So keep on reading. 

Once we came out, the guy giving out balloons must have taken off, we couldn't find him. Maly was heart broken. 

She started crying and kept on telling me, "Mom you promised...you promised!" 

"I'm sorry darling, I didn't know that they would leave, perhaps they've run out of balloons", I told her feeling rather bad. 

In the end, she cheered up a little bit when I told her that we were going to buy ice cream and chocolate chip cookies being sold in the Cafe. Oh yes! We had to join the queue and it took us another 30 minutes before we could order anything. 

As I stood in the queue, I looked around and saw that there were many foreigners besides us Maldivians visiting the ship that day. Since it was Friday it was not something to be surprised of, isn't it? And the next thing I noticed besides everyone taking pictures of everything (including me) was that everyone was engrossed in an animated discussion or a conversation with the staff while they had their beverages in the cafe. When I visited on 18th even I noticed this. 

The staff were really friendly and there were squeals of sheer surprise and happiness expressed both from visitors and staff when they came upon second time visitors..."Hey...you came back...so nice to see you". I thought if Milena but I couldn't see her. 

As promised, I bought her ice cream and chocolate chip cookies and we stood around waiting for a table. I met my friend Sheeneez and we shared a table. I remember quite clearly the first day I bought ice coffee for MVR 11 and on Friday it was for MVR 15. I suppose everywhere it's the same. The prices go up when the demand is high.

By the time we finished our snacks, the balloon guy has turned up. Maly was so pleased and there were a group of younger staff doing face paint and all. Maly got a heart on her hand and then we headed towards the balloon queue. Luckily, this time we didn't have to wait in the queue for a long time and she got a blue balloon (her favourite colour). 

We took some more pictures and were about to leave when we heard the announcement again. Yes, the second show for the evening was about to start. Yes, Maly and I ran to get into the amphitheater! We had a great time watching the second show...Yes, yes! Just browse through the pictures below and you can read all about the show! 

The Cultural Show 

First Show 

The show is presented by Peter. He is from France and he works as a fireman. I must say that he and the rest of the performers were very talented indeed. I bet Peter would win several Oscar Awards if he stared in a movie or something. 

Captain and Betsy
In the show, Peter is play the part of the captain who travels from one country to the other. His ship is called Betsy, names after his wife as he misses her dearly during his long voyage. He gets sea sick quite easily and keeps on throwing up! Maly laughed really hard whenever he threw up! 

Nepali song 
Scottish dance, there's the little girl I told you about. 
In the first show, he first goes to Nepal, where two singers come and sing a very slow but beautiful song. The The second country he visits is Scotland. You should have been there, men in real Kilts! And their dance was really nice. There was a little girl among the dancers too. Maly met the girl after the show n our way out and told her that she was awesome. Finally, the captain goes to Philippines. Their dance item was also very nice. I loved the way they hopped and danced away on the bamboo sticks. You see, four dancers were there, but two were holding the long bamboo sticks and moving them to and fro and the other two dances hopped and danced rhythmically. Nope, they didn't trip and fall, which was the most amazing part! 

Captain in Philippines right before their dance started...see the bamboo sticks on the floor! 
   Second Show



In the second show as well the captain does pretty much the same thing though his dialogue differs. However, this time he goes to Mexico first. Maly knew about Mexico because she has studies about this country in school and she even wore a Mexican dress for a dance as well. 

American dance
Next he visits America and he described America as melting pot because people from all over the world migrated to America after Columbus discovered this magnificent country. The dancers were from different ethnic backgrounds too and boy, they could dance well. 

Finally he goes to China and he said that the Chinese dance was his favourite and indeed it was really nice. There's a non Chinese dancer among the dancers. She has brown hair and I think she's from a European country, but you can hardly tell. I think in all the dances, the crew would just dress up dance though the staff who belong to that certain country lead the dance. 

Maly with the captain
I also had to join and take a picture! 

After the show we took a photo with great captain and went back to the cafe to buy some water and were quite disappointing to see  that there still was a long queue. As we were about to leave we met Julia (another friend from the previous visit) and she told us that Milena was not around. Since Maly was really thirsty she kept on asking and seeing the long queue, Julia got us some water. It was awfully nice of her and we left a note for Milena and came home. 

Finally disembarked the ship 

Finally Maly also wanted to go home. It was about 9 o' clock by then. These guys below were playing music near the exit. Of course Maly wanted to watch so I had to wait for around fifteen minutes.

Guys playing music near the exit

Logos hope with all the lights lit up!

One last photo

The ship visited Maldives in a very appropriate time I would say. Well, it's the end of the year holiday for us. Kids are bored at home and its like the circus in town all of a sudden.

Both Maly and I loved the cultural show most because it was performed by the natives and the show was quite educational as well. Maly really liked Logos Hope experience and was asking me whether she could visit again. When I told her that the ship was leaving the next day, she really looked sad!

Goodbye Logos Hope 

The next day Maly, Mummu and I watched Logos Hope leave Maldives. We can see it from our window. As the crew who gathered outside waved, Maly thought they were waving at her and waved at them frantically.

As the ship sailed away, Maly kept on waving and shouted, "I will miss you forever!"

And then she looked at the ship thoughtfully and asked me, "Mom would captain Peter be feeling sea sick and vomiting right now?"

Logos Hope sailing away! 

I hope that Logos Hope would visit us again...SOON!