Today is Mariyam Suha's (my little sister) birthday and she is not in Male'. Maly has been begging me to call her but she's far away and I don't think she's is up either. She has made a card and present too! This shows how fond she is of her aunt Dhonthi.

Birthday card made by Maly
This is the card she made for her. The girl wearing blue is Maleesha (my daughter) and her Dhonthi is wearing red. Mummu (my son, Mishaal) is wearing green and he is crawling. She says she drew a purple cake and a purple crayon because Dhonthi likes purple colour. She also said she would have drawn a purple flame but purple flames is not real and then she laughed! Oh and there are helium balloons too floating in the air...see the strings aren't tied to anything.

The birthday present! 
Now this really shows how much Maly loves her aunt! The fact that Maly cannot give a prsent today did not keep her from getting her one. She kept on telling me that she wanted to give a present today and I kept on explaining that it would be impossible to send one instantly to Dhonthi today. So she finally drew this soft toy and says this is her present, tell her that the tag is also visible and upload this on Facebook so that Dhonthi would see it.

This is Maly playing baseball. 
Finally, this is the last drawing that she wanted to show Dhonthi. Maly can now hit a ball with her bat. She likes to play baseball and I have to be the pitcher all the time! I actually can't wait for her to come home, so that Dhonthi and Maly can enjoy playing together!


  1. Suha Shuaib said...

    And Dhonthi loves her very much. Best birthday gift ever! Maly is the best little person I've ever known. Her and Mummu. You've given me a fabulous niece and nephew and I couldn't be more proud of them.