Going to Big Kids School, Yes!!! It's a big deal!

Yes! My little bundle of joy has now grown old enough to attend not just preschool (she has graduated from preschool), but proper BIG KIDS SCHOOL! 

I know! I've cried a river already and I'm successfully getting used to the idea that she's growing up fast! 

To begin with, ever since she graduated from preschool, I've been telling her about grade one. She have been so excited and could hardly contain herself as the day approached and when we got her unifom, bag and other things she would need, school was all that she talked about day and night! 

So finally, the day arrived. I woke her up early in the morning and we got ready and had breakfast together. As I was on annual leave, I didn't have to attend work and even if I wasn't on leave, I would definitely have taken family responsibility leave for this special day to be with her. 

My husband even went to the bakers to buy a snack for her to take to school! I know, we were all super excited! It was not just my daughter who couldn't sleep the night before the school started...both my husband and I were also sleepless. 


If you are wondering whether we were all smiles and excited the whole night, "NO"..we were a bit worried too! I know I sound..umm..how do you put this...clingy, over protective mom...but I can't help it. I was and still am scared for her. However, she's a smart and brave girl and I'm sure she'll make new friends and get along just fine.

So once she was ready, we got her bag and came out to get a taxi to take her to school. While we waited for the taxi, my husband took several photographs.

See the excitement bubbling over...focus on her smile and you'll see! 

Where was Mummu (Maly's little brother) when all this happened? I'm sure you'll be wondering about him since he is missing in all the pictures! 

Well!!! He was asleep when all this happened! He was up at dawn at about 4 am and slept at about 6, so no wonder he was asleep! 

But, we'll definitely take a picture of Maly in her school uniform and Mummu proudly standing next to his big sister soon!

When we arrived at school, there were so many parents with their cameras trying to capture this special moment of their child's life! All around kids smiled and waved at familiar faces from preschool. Though it was their first day, they were getting along just fine...and they haven't even gone to their classes yet! So IMAGINE what it would be like when they get to know each other! 

The teachers waited for quite sometime and then took the children to their respective classes. As they left, I took a few more pictures. Nope, I didn't turn on my heals and head towards home! No siree, I lingered for a bit more and peeked from the window to check how Maly was doing in class and also managed to take a few pics too!

So after this, I agreed to go home as my husband said, I looked like a loony mom! I didn't want my name on the top of "LOONY MUM TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS" list!

We came home and anxiously waited for her session to end! I know, I can't help it! When it comes to my children, I have this mama tigress instincts activated all the time and I worry all time, even when they are sleeping! Is it normal? NO! Then I must get my self hospitalized or something! 

I guess, almost all the moms go through this...at least at some point in their motherhood or perhaps, this is just a phase that I'm going through..(I hope!). However, at the same time, I'm so happy and proud that my daughter is growing up. She has reached another important milestone and we (my husband and I) are and are going to be by her side in this journey of life because she's our precious angel! 

Indeed, January 6th was a very important day for her...going to big kids school is a big deal! For us at least and we'll proudly go around bragging about how brave she was and how quickly she made friends! 


  1. Shaz said...

    Yes, it's a big deal and we are so proud of you <3