Once in a life time opportunities!

I came to Brunei on 4th August 2014 and its great here. Okay, they are times that I feel so homesick and lonely that I want to just leave all my belongings and catch the next plan and run home. When I got the scholarship I was a bit doubtful about accepting the offer. But hey, we don't get wonderful opportunities all the time. Leaving my kids behind was the hardest part, but then I know that they are in good hands and they are happy. 

Well, its been a month here and I have made wonderful friends. The best thing about all my new friends is that they come from different parts of the world. We tell each other about where we come from and have so much fun together. 

First, let me tell you about the most exciting experiences that I have had in Brunei. I would say that I am very lucky because I shook hands with the Crown Prince and took a selfie with the Sultan! YES! A selfie! 

On 16th August, Crown Prince of Brunei came to UBD. All the international students also got the opportunity to take a photo with him and shake hands too. 


These are some of the photos that I took before I shook hands with the Crown Prince. I was so happy that I got the opportunity shake hands with him. Of course I bragged about my encounter with the Crown Prince for weeks! 

And this is the photo that we took with Crown Prince. These are the international students who were present at the ceremony. 

Now, let me tell you about my grand selfie! 

6th September was UBD's graduation day. My friend Aai graduated and she invited her friend Mysara and I to the ceremony. Once the ceremony was over, on our way out, we lost each other. I wandered around and decided to go out and stand outside hoping that they would also gather there. 

When I came out there were so many people outside. People were lined up on both sides of the red carpet. I didn't realize what was going on. I tried to get close but there was no way I was getting in. 


And then, as I came down the steps I saw the King's car. I realized that they were all waiting to see the King and Crown Prince. I saw some of my friends and when I asked them, they told me that they didn't come for the graduation ceremony! They just came to see the KING! By this time I was also very excited and wanted to take his picture. We stood together and all of a sudden everyone was talking at the same time and everyone took out their mobile phones and started taking pictures. 


When I saw the King and the Crown Prince, I knew that I had to take a picture. So, I ran forward and somehow found myself inside the crowd! Seriously, I don't know how I did it....I WAS THERE! 

I took some pictures as they greeted everyone. The crowd was elated and everyone wanted a selfie with them. To my surprise, the King and the Crown Prince posed for selfies when students requested. So I patiently waited for my turn. Everyone was pushing each other to get close to them.  But I stood my ground and somehow penetrated and there I was standing next to the King! When I requested, his majesty looked straight at my phone and smiled. Since everyone was pushing each other I was going back and forth. So my face is a little blurred and I know my smile is weird! 


I don't think I would ever get an opportunity like this again to take a selfie with the Sultan of Brunei.

YAY! Here it is...  

It's amazing how much the people of Brunei loves their King. I believe it's because the people are treated the way they should be. This is a beautiful country with such warm and loving people. There is so much more to share, but this post is all about meeting the King and the Crown Prince. 

Yes, I was very lucky indeed to get the opportunity to shake hands with the Crown Prince and take a selfie with the King. 


  1. Unknown said...

    great piece of writing n enjoyed reading it Suad :) n more happy that CP is thre;)

  2. Aishaz said...

    Thanks Shiha :D

  3. Aaidha said...

    Nice description of the whole incident.. when I read this, the events were flashing back in front of my eyes.. he he he... good work Suad.. unfortunately I couldn't take a picture or even shake hand with CP...poor me :(... but it was a wonderful day though we were breathlessly sandwiched in the crowd... keep it up..

  4. Aishaz said...

    Aai, thank you so much. Yes, it was a memorable day indeed.

  5. Jhanis said...

    Aishaz what a wonderful opportunity! And so glad to hear you are enjoying Brunei. I have never been there so this was a nice glimpse. Have a great week!

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