Manaal's Story

Manaal is very excited. Why wouldn’t she be excited, after all, today is the very first day of her school holidays. She can hardly contain herself. She wanted to do something nice for everyone for a change. Her mother, father and all the family members always helped her with her home work, to get ready to go to school and many more. So she wanted to help everyone during the holidays.

On Sunday morning she made her bed as soon as she woke up and folded her pajamas and kept it nicely in the cupboard before she left her bedroom. She made sure that her bedroom was neat and tidy so that her mother wouldn’t have to clean up after her. Next she helped her mother to set the table for breakfast and she even helped her mom to wash the dishes as well. Afterwards, she played with her younger brother until her mother finished cooking lunch. She also swept the floor of the living room and her bedroom. At the end of the day, she was very happy indeed, she had been a great help and her mother hugged her and said so herself.

The next morning, she did the same as the previous day and when she came out of her room, her mother was doing her weekly laundry. She helped her mother by hanging the clothes. She also helped her mother to set the table for lunch and dinner. After each meal, she also helped her parents to wash the dishes. After dinner, she folded all clothes and put them in the wardrobe. Another busy day is over, she thought happily as she lay on bed. She was exhausted but she was so happy that she has done so much to help her beloved family.

Just then, she had a great idea. She jumped out of bed and sat at the study table and did a lot of writing, scribbling and then she smiled to herself. She entered how much she has helped into a table and drew a bar graph which showed how much she has helped. “At this rate, I would have lots to enter to this table by the end of the holidays”, she said to herself.

So she recorded what she did to help her family member daily and by the end of the holidays, she has done so much. Her parents were very happy with and they were truly grateful.