Happy Birthday My Love

I wish you a very happy birthday my darling husband. Can you believe it, this is the eleventh year that we celebrate your birthday together. I'm sad that I'm not there with you today and I'm that you'll love the gift I sent for you. After all,  we've been together for more than a decade. So I know exactly what you want and what you'd love! 

From miles away, I send you love and kisses on this special day to you. May this be the only birthday we celebrate away from each other. Any way, we will celebrate your birthday properly once I come home in September and I promise that I'll make it up to you. 

And as usual, our precious daughter made a very special card for you.

I bet this card would go into our treasure chest eh? Well, we might need a bigger box in the future. You see, though we do not realize it, we've been together for ages. We share so much of sweet cherished memories together and the pile is getting bigger with each passing day. 

Once again, happy birthday my LOVE. I love you more and more with each passing day. May Allah bless you and give you good health, wealth and prosperity. May we always be together and content. Ameen.