Love is ....

Do you ever think about love? Do you know what it is? Have you ever felt the magnitude of it's strength? 

How we define love could vary from person to person. I believe its because of the different experiences that we all have had in our lives. Nevertheless, it is highly unlikely that we live a life where love is absent or scarce. 

Well, love is all around us. If you open our hearts and look for it, you'll never miss it. You see, if someone loves you, they don't have to articulate it. Yes! If they remember you all the time, throughout the day....what else could it be? If they text you for no reason or calls you just to ask you about your day...BINGO! You are lucky...because someone loves you....and someone cares about you. 

The little things people do for you like opening the door for you or waiting for you to catch up before crossing the road...or simply asking you to handover the water bottle with which you were struggling to uncap...that's simply...love. 

If you are the first person to be thought of at the start of the day and if you get a goodnight text...you are constantly of someones thoughts...mind and heart. 

When someone loves you, they drop whatever they are doing and rush to be by your side when you need them. They don;t ask questions...they don't complain...you are important...they just come and be with you. 

One could say that...simple acts of kindness doesn't necessarily fall under the category of love...but I think love doesn't necessarily have to be the kind of love men and women elope and explore. There are different kinds of love and love is what makes our life beautiful and meaningful. Without it, our world would be dark and scary. Nothing would be consistent, nothing would matter or be important. Life would be dull. Love makes everything beautiful and heart warming. 

If you are loved, be thankful...be grateful and love whomever loves you with all the might you have because it is the most rare and precious gift one could have in this short life we live in this little world. Without it, you'll lose yourself and life would be a bitter medicine that you have to force yourself to drink everyday. With love, nothing is impossible because love conquers all. Love will lift you up and protect you and heal you...no matter what life throws at you. 

like I've said before, even if someone doesn't say 'I love you', you'll still know and feel it if you are being loved. And if you want more of it, do your bit as well. Spread love wherever you go...in return, you'll be loved and you'll see strings of hearts following you. And if you look up at the big blue sky, you might see a white fluffy heart that is so smitten with you that it keeps on following you wherever you go.