Seventh Birthday!

Happy birthday to the sweetest girl in the whole world. Yes, you are precious and the kindest soul I know and I am so proud that you are my daughter.

On 20th June 2007, when I saw you for the first time for just five minutes before they took you to NICU because you were premature, I reached a point in life where a tiny little tot was in the lime light. Yes, you became the most important little person in my life. And I would proudly say that you and my little boy are the best blessing from Allah that I have received. 

 Aw, just look at you! So beautiful. Yes, daddy took this pic when the nurses cleaned you up and before they took you to NICU.

Lets have quick  a look at the last seven years!


After coming home! 2010
Dressed up for National Day 2010

Pre-school days were fun, isn't it sweet heart. Everyday I had to take a picture after coming home in front of the house. Oh and we both loved it when you had to dress for school. Such sweet memories!

US, back in 2010
Dressed up for Children's Day 2014

Dressed up for a party! 2014
Supporting the National Team! 2014
Evening stroll 2007
First day of school 2010
At the airport 2009
Going for a walk, December 2008

Baby Maly 2007

At the park, January 2009
Dressed up as a stewardess, 2012

Just 5 months old! 

Second Birthday

Swimming time! 
My little strawberry! 

Yes, you are as fast as a cheetah! 

Fun time with Mummu, a few weeks ago! 
To be honest, I can't believe that you've turned seven today. I still feel as if I came with a little bundle (Maly of course) just yesterday. Childhood is indeed short and I pray that we enjoy these precious years and cherish zillions of sweet memories in our heart to remember for a life time.

May you love learning and be a caring friend. May you grow up to be an obedient well mannered daughter of whom both you dad and I would always be proud of. And may you grow up to be a successful, responsible citizen who would be looked up to by all around you. May Allah bless you and take good care of you. 

I love you so much and once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET MALY. 

PS: Always be happy.