Farewell by Hot Mums

We meet people all the time and then friendship develops between each other. Some become life long friends and others are just people we barely know. Among these people from different walks of life that we meet, good friends are the rarest and if you find such souls, you are indeed very lucky.

Yes, I'm so glad that I am blessed with such friends. I've already introduced you to "Hot Mums". Our children studied in preschool together. We did class decorations and other school and parent related work together and started hanging out. Oh and we meet up to celebrate each others birthday as well. 

And yes, all the moms are really HOT! 

Some of us are teachers, others are business tycoons. Some hold important posts in the government and others are political activists. Some are very creative and few of us were former super models! 

When they knew that I was going away for a year, they wanted to get together before I left Saushan of course was very concerned that we might go to JAZZ cafe! 

Well, if I were you, I wouldn't mention JAZZ CAFE in her presence! She will go bonkers! You know, to celebrate Niam's birthday we went to Jazz Cafe and the food was just horrible. 

Everyone ordered something new and were excited. Saushan ordered prawns and a rice dish and told everyone excited that she was going to eat prawns! Yeah, she had that star struck look in her eyes! 

When the food was brought to our table, no one could eat except me. I ordered spaghetti and when I told everyone to order spaghetti or lasagna, no one listened to me. So after that night, Jazz Cafe has been blacklisted in our list and for Saushan's sake even we won't go there.

awe went to China Garden and thank god, the food was wonderful. As as we finished eating I realised that I wouldn't be able to hangout with these wonderful friends for a long time. I would really miss them a lot. I was quiet and couldn't laugh when they joked like I use to. These ladies were quite busy and I'm sure they must have had so many important functions and meetings to attend to, but still they came to say goodbye. Having good friends who care about you and look out for you is one of the best blessings one could have and I am grateful. 

Goodbyes, shaking hands, hugs and well wishes are the sweetest gifts one could give when you know you are not going to see each other for a long time. I nearly cried and was so happy at the same time.

Thank you all the Hot Mums, you guys ROCK!