Goodbye MNU

Saying goodbye is never easy.


Maldives National University is one of my most beloved institutes in this country. I did diploma of primary teaching and BA TEFL here. This is the place where many great lecturers taught me how to manage a class and what language  teaching was all about. Teaching is what I love doing and I can't even imagine myself in another profession. Since MNU has provided the necessary stepping stones for me to realize my dream of becoming a teacher, this institute is very special for me. 

When I did my diploma in teaching, we had so many amazing lecturers and I wanted to teach at MNU and I worked hard and joined MNU on 17th January 2012. I was so happy and I thought that I would teach here for the rest of my life. You see, I've worked in different schools and institutes because when I get a better opportunity I just move on. But when I joined MNU,  all that changed.

Yes, I always leave when I get better opportunities to prosper in my career or pursue higher education. I never felt that sad before because I was eagerly looking forward to start studying or more challenging work. Yes, I will be studying and going to a new country and all that but I've never felt this sad before. 

You might wonder what I would miss most, right? Well, I would miss my students most. I will miss my work station and the library too. I would miss the fountains and Hawwatha a lot. 

I hope that when I come back I will get the opportunity to join MNU again. Perhaps I should get pregnant!! You see, during my first pregnancy I was a student at MNU. I got the permanent associate lecturer's job during my second pregnancy! So I've spent a lot of time waddling around with my huge baby bump here!

Hahaa! I'm just kidding!

Well I wish all the students good luck and hope that you all will study hard and become successful citizens in the future. I hope that I will see you all soon working as caring nurses, architects or wonderful teachers. Of course I would brag about you all and tell everyone that I taught you on this and that year. Yes, I would be very proud of you all,

And remember, there is no dream too big or hard to accomplish. All you need to do is be strong, willing to work and have faith. Nothing is impossible.

Right now I am on my annual leave and my no pay leave starts from August 1st. Sigh. I will miss MNU so very much.