Meet My Son....Mishaal

Dressed in Maldivian traditional wear.
Today I'm going to introduce the cutest boy I know! Yes, it's my son and he is one and a half years old. I think if you've been reading my blog, you'd know his name is Mishaal (Mohamed Mishaal Ahmed) and we call him Mummu.

In 2011 towards the end of the year we learnt that we were pregnant. Oh yes, we were excited! Firstly, Maly was 4 and half and both my husband and I had discussed about a second child quite frequently. It was like a dream come true for us. We were even more happy that our daughter was so keen about the baby that she sang to my bump every night!

Little bundle of joy <3 br="">

Mummu was born in ADK Hospital on July 16th 2012. It was about 9:50 pm. When the nurse brought him to me, his eyes were wide open and he was sucking his thumb. Of course, we fell in love with him the minute we knew that we were having a second baby, but holding him in my arms was like multiplying that love times 1 million. My heart over flowed with love and happiness. 

He was so tiny at first but so adorable. His first word was "dhatha" (sister) and he started walking at around 15 months. He likes to play hide and seek. When I pray he would watch me with a naughty smile on his ace. When I'm about to finish he would know, he would then run and stand behind me. The minute I give salaam, he would then shout "THAAAAA". He is actually trying to startle me and every time I do get startled! 

When my son starts laughing, you'll join him naturally because its so cute that you resist but laugh out loud with him. Sometimes I don't have to put much effort to get him started, all I have to do is just turn the other way and suddenly look at him. If you want to make him laugh, just show him Bubsy Baby (phone application). Like Talking Tom, Bubsy would record what you say and when you touch Bubsy's tummy, Bubsy would fart! Mummu finds the farting bit hilarious! Seriously, you should see him bubbling over! No matter how many times you show it to him, he would crack up every single time!

Today I've come back to work after my annual leave. I've been with my children for almost a month and I'm missing my son so much. I miss my daughter too, but I dropped her off at school and went to pick her up as well but Mummu was asleep when I left this morning and I haven't gone home today. Perhaps, that's the main reason why I'm missing him so much today. I've been with him 24 seven for quite a bit, no wonder I miss him and I'm quite certain that he misses me just as much!

Children bring so much joy and meaning into our lives. They give us purpose and something to look forward to. Like all the mothers who breath the same air as I do, I also love my children with all my heart and cannot even a minute without them (now that I know them). The most valuable assets that I have are my children and I believe that they are blessings from Allah and I am grateful that I've been blessed with two wonderful children. 


  1. Anonymous said...

    he is so adorable

  2. Unknown said...

    Who wouldn't fall in love with a baby face like that? Both of your children look precious, you are a blessed woman

  3. Aishaz said...

    Thank you Christa...indeed they are the best blessing I have received yet.