The Stalker!

Tonight at about seven, we went for a walk after going to a friend's son's birthday party. It was dark when we reached the Republic Square but it was windy and very cozy. We sat down on a bench and looked at the sea and the vehicles passing by. 

Just then Mummu saw the moon and cried out, "MOOOOOOOOOOOOON."  

Maly also looked at the direction Mummu was looking and said, "Oh no! NOT AGAIN! 

I was very curious so I asked her, "What is the matter?"

And then she explained, "That  moon has been following me! "Wherever I go, if the moon is out, it's always following me". 

So I asked her, " Are you sure love?" 

She looked quite certain when she said, "Of course, I've been stopping and checking whether it follows. When I stop, the moon stops. It doesn't follow others!" 

"May be the moon likes you", my husband said with a smile on his face. And added, "It use to follow me when I was little boy too!"

My daughter is quite knowledgeable about the solar system, planets and being an astronaut ever since she learned about planets in school. She knows that the planets revolve around the sun and why we are able to walk on Earth unlike other planets. I'm sure she'll understand someday what's actually happening! After all I even understood what was actually happening as grew up. 

Like Maly, when I was a child, I use to look at the sky and check whether the moon was following me! I remember one day I told my cousin Sirana that the moon was following me and she said that it was following her as well. We must have been six or something. Anyway, we wouldn't have been older than  my daughter.

So what we did was, first I walked for a distance and checked whether the moon was following me and at the same time, my cousin was checking too. Once I was done, I asked her whether it followed me. To my disappointment, she said no! So she took her turn and walked for a distance while I also kept any eye on the moon! I was planted on the spot and my cousin walked. Our eyes were glued on the moon and what we saw differed! Only then we realised that it was not following anyone! It just looked as if it was following us. 

When we came home, Maly tugged at my arm and said in an excited voice, "Look mum, there is it, it's following us!" 

I thought I would give it a try and told her, "it looks like it's following us because it's far away! It's not following us!" 

Maly looked at me as if I've just gotten the award for being the dumbest person ever! You should have seen the smile on her face so that you'll know what exactly I'm talking about! 

It was getting late and we wanted to get home soon as Mummu was getting grumpy because he was hungry but one of these days, I'm going to make her understand that the moon is not following us! 

I guess everybody thought that the moon followed us when we were young! I did, all my childhood friends did and even my husband did! So I guess the moon has been stalking us humans from the day we humans set foot in this planet Earth!


  1. Shaz said...

    Maly is right! Mr. Moon is a stalker!