Do you remember your dreams once you wake up every morning! I'm talking about those weird, sometimes funny dreams that are featured once we knock ourselves to sleep. Uh uh! Nope, not those dreams about becoming a world class singer or going to the moon. But those short movie clips that we watch while our body rests. 

Some dreams are so scary that I wish that I never dreamt them and there are those dreams that are so nice that  I wish that I never woke up or quite often I wish that I could re-dream again! Seriously, let me tell you about some of the dreams that I would never forget. 

1. When I was little, I must have been 8 or something, I dreamt that I could fly. Yes, I know! And I even remember how I felt too. I just lifted myself from the ground and stretched my right hand forward and there I went up like arrow into the vast blue sky. When I looked down, I saw the Earth like ball below me all around me there were white fluffy clouds! I dove into them and enjoyed a lot. I guess that's exactly how Superman must have felt too! 

Rhithik Roshan
2. Do you know Rhithik Roshan? Well he is a Bollywood super star and when I was a teenager, his first movie came out. Yes, we all thought that he was super hot and drooled over his picture and in front of the telly. I even had his picture under my pillow! (back then of course). And one night I dreamt that I was in a limo with him. He looked so handsome and both Rhithik and I were wearing shades. The driver just drove the limo through the thick crowd of his fans and photographers. The photographers kept on taking pictures. It felt so real, I wish I could order this exact dream one more time! Oh and perhaps switch on repeat mode for a couple of nights too! 

The bouquet I got in my dream was even more pretty!
3. I worked as a temporary teacher for one year. At the end of the year, I applied for a teaching diploma programme at the Maldives College of Higher Education back then, now Maldives National University (MNU). Back then, getting a placement to be trained as a teacher was hard! I mean it! One main reason is because students interested to become a teacher would apply from all over the country and as MNU was the only institute that offered teaching courses, getting a placement was very difficult. My cousins told me all sort of tales about interviews and everything and I was really scared. One day before I got my acceptance letter, I dreamt that my students gave me a bouquet of beautiful pink flowers. They were smiling and all the little faces radiated nothing but happiness! I asked them what they were celebrating and they just smiled at me! 

4. I bet all of you would know Rishmy! Yes, the Maldivian famous dancer/actress! When Maly was about one or something, in my dream I was watching TV. Rishmy was dancing on a little stage built over a pond! She was standing in the middle and waiting for the back up dancers to join I suppose and then men dressed as frogs jumped out of the pond and joined her on the stage.

They stood together and started singing, "Irililly kaaku kaaku!" and started dancing!

It means, who is Irililly in Dhivehi and don't ask, Irililly is not a name we give to Maldivian girls! I don't know from where it came from! Two years ago, her son started preschool and started going to Kangaroo Kids too. When I see her dropping her son at school when I go to drop Maly as well, I find my self singing "Irililly kaaku kaake! It just happens automatically when I see Rishmy! I don't suppose I'll ever forget this dream either! 

Professor Ugail

5.  How many of you all do know Dr Ugail? I guess everybody would know! Well, this year a couple of months ago, one night I dreamt that I was having coffee with him in a very quaint cafe. We just talked and talked! I swear I didn't think about him or no one even mentioned his name or anything to me, I just dreamt about the most famous Maldivian professor just out of the blue! I've never ever met him and I've just read a few articles written by him on Haveeru Newspaper! I guess the devil is playing games with me! 

Well, there you go! My dreams are quite interesting, isn't it! I know...it's a bit wired and half the time, I don't even understand what my brain is doing to me when I sleep! Any way, I do enjoy these dreams because there is no way that I would ever fly, meet Rhithik or Professor Ugail in real life. So I might as well have coffee with them in my dream world! 


  1. Katia said...

    Yes, dreams are so fascinating aren't they? I wouldn't mind meeting Rhithik either. :-) Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Pleasure meeting you, your daughter's adorable!

  2. Aishaz said...

    Thank you Katia :) meeting a guy like Rhithik would be every girls dream I suppose :D