Yesterday was my birthday! Yes, my tenth 21st birthday! Oh yes, you heard me right! Oh come on, don't give that look. As my husband says, from now on I'm going to be forever 21!


So here's what happened yesterday (18th January 2013). When I woke up, happy birthday mommy was written on the wall. It was a joint effort by my daughter and my husband. Of course, Mummu even contributed by running around the room! 

I received 2 special text messages from Shifa (my sister) and Beebi. Too bad I had to change my phone, I really wanted to save the text messages and Beebi, you made me smile...after all you are forever sixteen so no one can understand my forever 21 issue more than you, isn't it?

In the morning after breakfast, I was informed by Maly that her daddy was going to buy my present and then she realised that she was not suppose to tell me and then whispered, "You are not suppose to know, it's a surprise for you." 

Hahaa! Of course I promised to keep her secret and as I waited, I prayed that I wouldn't get toy! Don't laugh, here me out! Maly did ask me two days ago whether I liked toy guitars and when I said no, she looked crestfallen! When I asked why she looked so sad she said, "If you don't want a guitar, then I'll have to play my guitar all by myself! If I buy a guitar for your birthday, we can play together! We'll have super fun Mama."


So I got my gift and suddenly found myself floating in cloud nine! Oh yeah! I got my wish! Finally I got a phone from which I could use Viber, Instagram and all the other applications that everybody has been using! Thank you my darling husband, you are the best and you always know what exactly I need! 

As I was checking my phone and downloading stuff, Maly came and whispered again, "We'll buy a cake in the afternoon, don't tell anyone, it's also a surprise!!!!" 

Once again, I promised to keep her secret! I'm really good at this! Seriously, I didn't tell a soul! 

My husband wanted to go and get the cake alone, but Maly insisted and cried! Yes, finally they went together and I don't know how he brought the cake home, with Maly sitting behind  him in the motor cycle! He's just amazing! He must have balanced the cake on his lap while Maly sat behind him and held onto him for dear life and rode the motorcycle home in the heavy traffic! I love you darling! 

So we cut the cake and enjoyed ourselves! 

My daughter made a card for me, but she was too busy planning my birthday party (just for family) that she couldn't colour it and I'm not suppose to take a picture of it until she does. So photo to be uploaded soon!

And then my friends insisted that I should give them a birthday treat! So we met today at Petays and had lunch. Saushan brought this lovely cake! Yes, it was yummy! Too bad Niam couldn't come, I missed her  

Meet my friends! They are just super cool. We all have something in common! CAN YOU GUESS! Each of us have a 6 year old boy or a girl. Our children studied in preschool together! We have so many happy wonderful memories and we plan to stick together even though our children has gone to different school's for their primary education. You guys ROCK! The cake was out of this world delicious and as usual, we laughed a lot and had a super duper lunch. Thank you friends! Love you all.

Cake by: Saushan (Best baker in Male')

And lets not forget Facebook, thanks to Zuckerberg...so many friends and family members and students wished me. Some birthday wishes were so nice, I love you all too and I'm glad that I'm some of your favourite English teacher.

So turning 21 for the tenth time is not so bad after all! This is one of the best birthdays that I have had so far in my life and thank you everyone. You all have made me happy and I'm blessed to have you all in my life. 


  1. Xae Nafew said...

    So glad you had a great Birthday!
    Hope you have many more wonderful 21st birthdays like this :D

  2. Aishaz said...

    Oh yeah! FOREVER 21! Thank you <3