Sealed with endless love

My dearest darling son,

Today you've turned 1 year 8 months. You are growing up way too fast and I really can't keep up with. Why don't you slow down for while, because mommy likes to hold you, tickle your tummy and throw you in the air because you like it so much. You know, when you grow up, I can't hold you and carry you around, or thrown you up and catch you just in time. 

Right now, you don't like to brush your teeth
and you are very picky with your food. I mean, its not safe to trust weird mushy stuff that we call food, right. Well it's ok, you just take your time and I'll be here with you. Will move on to gobbling up those chicken wings from Mary Brown when you are ready. There's no need to rush at all. 

Do you know what I would remember most about your childhood? I would remember our special bed time routine. Every night, right after you we are done with dinner, I brush your teeth and you make a big fuss. Next I powder you little booty, armpits and face. You are just adorable that I could dress you up forever and ever.

Next, we switch off the lights and you cuddle up in arms and look straight into my eyes. By now you would so sleepy that your eyes would droop but still your arms reach out and touch my face. And that's when I have to kiss you fingers one by one and the biggest reward I get is the beautiful smile that spreads across your face illuminating pure happiness. I love the way your cheeks dimple. Next I kiss your toes one at a time and your face, cheeks, eyes and forehead. All I have to do next is gently rock you in my arms and you would fall asleep. I sure will miss this the most when you grow up and I love you and will keep on loving you till the end of time.

I'm really happy and proud that you are growing up. I always pray that you and your sister would become responsible citizens of whom everyone would be proud of. I just hope that you would be happy with whatever you choose to do and I'm sure that you will also love me till the end of time.

I'm sure you'll read this letter one fine day and wonder why I wrote this. Well, I'm sitting at work and I have about 10 minutes left before I head home and I don't know...I just want to post this letter here so that you'd know when you grow up that even when I'm here at work, you are always in my thoughts and most importantly, in my heart! I wish I could be with you all the time until you are ready to fly on your own.

Yours loving,