Before We Wed - 7 Day Blogging Challenge


So I'm going to try this and I invite all my bloggy friends to try this as well.There is no better way to dig up the treasure chest of sweet memories! Well it's there and I can tell you it's over loaded and six men had to sit on it to properly close it. From the day I knew that my darling shared the same earth as I do to today has been a great journey and this treasure chest is brimming with so many years of cherished memories. With hectic schedules and kids, we don't go there as often as we should! I may not blog everyday but I'll try the seven tasks for sure! So visit my blog for updates and I'm starting on task number one people!

I came across this from: http://vanillahousewife.com/before-we-got-hitched/

Missus V came across this from: http://chasingadaredevilandtwins.com/2014/03/04/before-we-wed-7-day-blogging-challenge/comment-page-1/#comment-999

Thank you Kayla for the great idea!