Precious Drawings

What does your children do in their leisure time? Mine love playing games on their I-pads and watch cartoons. I try to limit their time with the I-pad and TV, but with my busy schedule and everything, it's not that easy. Besides, what else could they do. When I was small, I used to play in the garden all the time. Nowadays we live in small apartments and we barely have enough space to keep our belongings. A garden would be just one potted plant hanging on the out door unit of the AC. Well, most of the time! 

Yes, like the rest of the kids...my daughter is inseparable from her I-pad but, she likes to draw and spends a considerable amount of time drawing this and that. Let me show you some of her work... 

She drew this last year when she started reading. She was able to read three letter words.. I don't remember the exact date but I was very impressed because she would always draw a picture illustrating what she learns. I think she's a visual learner.So when I have to prepare for a unit test, I make sure that she draws a mind map of the entire topic she's learning. When I prepared her for her fisrt social scinece test, she drew the uses of water, water sports, characteristics of water and etc and I found out that it was really easy for her to remember everything.

She drew this last year. Back then Ainy used to live in an apartment near our place. I just love this because she has included minute details and it is so colourful. Of course, we don;t live in a green field and there isn't a creek, river or a pond in between our houses! Maly is just very creative! Oh and the bug you see near the pond is Maly's friend, "LADYBIRD"...she says!

This was also draw last year. According to Maly, the drawing shows Maly and her little brother. She started writing on her drawing soon after she started reading. I didn't bother about the mistakes back then because she was learning and as she started writing paragraphs and reading more books, she eventually corrected these simple mistakes.

And this is one of my favorite! She says that this is a "Rainbow Dinosaur!" Isn't she creative!

She drew this one day and gave it to me. I was really touched so I brought it work and have diplayed it in my cubicle.

According to her its me and her of course. The thought bubble shows me and Maly is in my tummy. Oh and don't mistake that 'I' for a 'W'...she have used a fancy font, that's all!

Now this drawing shows bugs, animals, fish and humans living in his beautiful world together. That blue figure with the bow tie on it's head, yeah...that one! It's a blue human! And she is so right, sin;t ti? I mean, we should live in this beautiful world in harmony. Why fight? Why kill animals! Why can't we just live happily understanding each others differences?

I think you can guess that she likes the cartoon, "Frozen". This picture shows Elsa and the Snowman! She drew this last night.

When I see my daughter drawing and coloring, I see Leonardo da Vinci at work! Hahaa! I bet it's the same for every mother. Perhaps Maly would grow up and be a great artist. I make sure that she has different coloured A4 papers, pencil colours, crayons and markers are within her reach at home. So that even if I'm not around, she could draw instead of wasting her time.

Yes, she has drawn on my brand new bed sheet, and you should see the black hole on my wall and don't forget the butterfly and space station on the adjacent wall! I really don't mind them. You see, she'll be all grown up soon and then my walls would be bare! No one would scribble on them and I think I would miss that. I know, Mummu can scribble now and he would decorate my wall for a few years more when Maly is done, but every night when they sleep, I realize how quickly they are growing up and I feel that I'm not getting enough time to be with them. And I wish that I could grab a magical remote and slow down time or may be pause for a few more years until I get enough. Naa! I don't think I would ever get enough of love and time with them because I'm greedy when it comes to love. Who isn't?

These drawings are very precious because they show how she feels and great talent. If anyone asks about my most valuable assets, these are some of them and I'm keeping these drawing with me forever. My collection is going to grow as Maly grows up and of course, my son would be contributing his share soon. I can't wait.