I love you


When my daughter tells me that she loves me, I tell her I love her this much and stretch my arms out! And then she would jump and excitedly inform me that she loves from here to there (pointing from one side of the room the other side). I think this is something that we all do. We tell our children that we love them to the moon and back because we really do.

I was helping Maly with her homework one night when she asked me what the last number was. I explained to her that there isn't a last number and that numbers are infinite. She was very curious and asked many questions. 

That night, after having dinner and brushing her teeth, she lay in bed and called out to me.

After a pause and with a smile on her face she said, "I love you mummy".
"I love you too sweet heart", I said.
"How much?" she asked.
"Hmm, my love could fill this house from top to bottom", I said proudly thinking that she wouldn't be able to outsmart this time either!

But I was wrong!

"I love you till the last number!" She said and looked really satisfied because she knew that I couldn't top that.

My little genius! I love you to bits.

I gave her a hug and told her that I too loved her till the number. Yes, our love for each other is infinite. Our hearts would remain forever entwined because no one could take our place no matter how old we grow. I would always be her mom and she would always be my daughter.

Motherhood is a tough journey but it's these special moments that we get to cherish in our hearts that makes all the tiredness and hard-work worthwhile at the end of the day and I'm loving every minute of it.