Chiffon Cake

Have you ever tasted chiffon cake? I have and it is really delicious. If you have not, you should seriously try Saushan's chiffon...they are just out of this world. It's very soft and once you take a bit, you'd feel like the heavenly piece is melting in your mouth. Of course, you'd want more and more!

For my son's first birthday, I asked Saushan to bake a chiffon cake and decorate it with icing. I even sent her a sample picture and she said the cake would be ready. However, it didn't turn out so nicely after all. What actually happened was that Saushan made Pocoyo like shown in the picture but it was a bit bigger and it was too heavy for the chiffon cake. As a result, Pocoyo sank into the cake and there were cracks all around it. Yup, by the time we reached the studio to take birthday photos, it was about to collapse! But still we decided to fix it a little bit and take pictures.

So we took pictures of the cake first. As the photographer was about to click his camera, Pocoyo' arm fell off. So he bent down and tried to insert the arm into its place. Meanwhile, my husband and I were combing Mummu's hair and getting ready for the photo shoot etc...you know...the usual last minute checks! 

The photographer took several pictures of the cake from different angles and said, "Okay, I think we've got a few shots of the cake. Are you all ready!"

I looked up, saw his face and had to use every ounce of self control that I had! Even though I did not want to laugh out loud, my lips were not obeying me at all. The corners kept on stretching, forcing me to smile when I didn't want to and laughter kept on bubbling up inside me. I was about to explode so I turned around and then I saw him in the mirror. I took a few deep breaths and looked at my son but still what I saw was demanding me to laugh because it was really funny!

The photographer had icing smeared across his lips! Seriously! He did bend down to attach Pocoyo's arm and then he must have gotten icing on his fingers and may be, licked his thumb! I really don't know whether he tasted the icing or what really happened!

Soon everyone noticed that he had icing on his lips and we were trying our best to not laugh! I can tell you that it was tough! You see, this involuntary smile kept on rippling over our face and we tried to hide it and whenever he spoke or when we saw his face, we just couldn't help ourselves. But I swear, non of us laughed! Well, not in front of him any way!

Finally, I think he saw himself in the mirror and he muttered something and wiped his mouth with a tissue. 

By the time we went home, the cake had collapsed but it was so yummy. Since the cake was a mess, Saushan baked a second cake for my son for free and it was gorgeous and super delicious. But I have to admit, I prefer Saushan's chiffon cake over butter cake. 

If you want a very delicious and beautiful cake for your child's birthday party, you should contact Saushan. She's one of the best cake makers in Male' and Pocoyo cake didn't turn our so well because it was a chiffon cake and since it was really soft, the big guy sank in. Saushan later told me that she realized that the cake couldn't s support a heavy ball of cake (Pocoyo) much later. She should never have listened to me! 

Here are some of the cakes she has made, aren't they nice?


This is Saushan's page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cakesmaldives?fref=ts  
Check out her website: http://www.hedhika.com/
And here's her contact number: 3326133 or 7934485

To finish off, let me give you some advice... if you accidentally get icing on your fingers and even if you tasted it accidentally, make sure that you wipe your lips properly!