Happy Birthday Altho

Altho is now almost as tall as his brother in laws!

Yesterday was my younger brother's birthday. He just turned 18! I remember the first time I saw him. He was so tiny and red! When I peered into the tiny cot, he lazily stretched his arms and legs. I wanted to pick him up but didn't because he was so tiny and I was scared! He was so adorable. 

I remember the taxi ride to the hospital. We were so excited to meet our little brother. My sisters and I, plus my uncle's wife and their two kids, and my step-grandmother and her two kids got into just ONE taxi! Let me help you to illustrate a fine image of all of us in the taxi for you. Have you seen Yoosay's drama where he takes the tourists to see the zoo? Oh yes, that's exactly what it was like in the taxi! The taxi driver just looked at us his eyes nearly popping out. At the back, there were 2 adults and a teenager (me) and 4 kids. In the front seat sat my sister Shifa and Beebi! On the way, we were all talking at the same time because we were so excited and the little ones would whine or shout! 

My sisters and I were really happy and my parents were also very pleased with new addition. We used to play with him, feed him and go for long walks! How time flies! Now he is taller than me and has beard too! Luckily doesn't grow his beard! YET!  

I'm really happy that he is all grown up and proud too. No matter how old you get , you will always be our LITTLE BROTHER! And we love you so much.