Happy Birthday Thuthi

Meet my younger sister Aminath Shifa and today is her birthday!

Happy birthday dear! May you always be happy. Maly made a card in the afternoon! She wants it to be perfect and is still working on it! So, I'll upload the card later. Yes, she couldn't finish it, so that's why she did give it to you today. 

Mom made kulhimas especially for you because it's your birthday. Yes, we all love you a lot and especially the rascals!

While you are in your fabulous twenties, it's amazing how Beebi is still stuck in his sweet sixteen! Isn't it??

Once again, wish you a very happy birthday and wish you good health, wealth and prosperity in your life. May you always smile and spread your infectious laughter wherever you go, brightening everyone's day and simply spreading the magical aura of happiness that you carry with you. 

It's amazing how time flies...isn't it? I remember the day mom brought you home from the hospital. You were just a tiny little bundle all red and whined all the time. I used to bawl like crazy if someone even touched you! I was such a proud big sister! And you know what! You were my first student! Remember how I used to teach you at home. I made a register and star chart like the ones my teachers had displayed in class and taught you so many things. I even remember singing song to teach you the directions! You probably wouldn't remember it because you were in preschool back than. 

Anyway, lets not go there shall we because I feel like a million year old mummy all of a sudden! I mean like the mummified mummies from the ancient times!

And this is from Mummu, "Iththi dhaa dhey thoooooo you!"
(Translation: Happy birthday to you)