#2 - #7 Because I've been very busy!

Firstly, sorry that I've been away for a while! I've been busy at home and at work and couldn't spare time for my blog but I am going to finish the blog challenge today with one long post! So get ready! 


We got married and rented a room from Hulhumale' and lived there for a month and then we moved back to Male'. Our first home-made meal was breakfast together after we moved. The roshi (thin round bread) and mashuni was really good and I was so worried that it would turn into a disaster because, honestly..I really didn't know how to cook. Of course I knew how to cook noodles and boil an egg! Apparently it was not enough! Well, that's what I thought until that very morning. 

I think my husband knew that it was my first time preparing dough to make roshi and you won't believe what he did. He woke up early and was standing next to me in the kitchen. Once I strained the flour, he took the bowl from me and poured oil, salt, hot water and kneaded it! Really!! He rolled out the first few roshis and then I took over and he was there helping me to chop onions and helping me out when I made mashuni even. Eventually, I realized that cooking was no big deal, you just toss everything in it was not such a complicated thing after all. 

We had breakfast together and we've had breakfast with each other and even with our kids several times in the past few years, but I don't think that both my husband and I would ever forget the first time we prepared breakfast together!


I received so many presents from him that it's hard to keep track of everything. Many nights he would pick me up from work and then just I reach him, he would present me a rose! He's is the sweetest of all! Back then I used to work in Ghiyasuddin School and since I worked in the afternoon session, I finished work at about 8 at night most nights. We used to have dinner together and then go for a ride. So before marriage I got many presents from him and I treasured them all. 

Let me tell you about a present that I recieved from my better half that I would never ever trade and would hold on till my last breath. It was in the year 2007 just a few months after my daughter was born. We rented a room because we couldn't afford a proper apartment back then because I was on study leave and I only got Rf 2999 monthly. My husband earned around nine thousand and we had to pay a huge amount for the plot of land that we bought monthly, plus for the room and my husband was studying. Oh and don't forget our little baby. So money was limited and we just barely managed. 

Yeah, we couldn't give each other than many presents like we use to but those notes I find in the toilet mirror and text messages I received were enough to make me happy. Besides, we bought the best of everything we could afford for our daughter so that was the most important thing for us so we were both happy with what we had. My parents helped us so much that we would never be able to repay them.

We went to the artificial beach and took several photos and headed home. We just wanted to walk because it was such a beautiful afternoon. On our way, we saw this shop were jewellery and other accessories were sold. We went in and looked head bands and little bangles for a our daughter. My husbands knows that I love bracelets, especially the ones with sparkling rhinestones. There was this lovely silver bracelet with a single flower in the middle. The flower was made of rhinestones and it was just lovely but I knew we couldn't afford it. However, I think he saw me touching it and even after putting it back, I kept on looking at it. 

We took some items for our daughter and I went to the counter to pay for them. And then my husband asked to wait and went back. Yes, he came back with the bracelet that I liked so much. Of course, I told him that I really didn't need it but he just looked into my eyes and said that he wanted me to have it. My heart over flowed with love and happiness and I couldn't say a word because if I did, I couldn't have controlled the happy tears that I was trying to hide from the shop assistant. 

Its not even real silver but it's the most expensive piece of jewellery that I have because it was given to me at a time that we couldn't really afford it. I love so so very much darling.


As I've mentioned before, I was teaching in Ghiyasuddin School when I met my husband. He used to come and help me to display my students work after the session too. He would pick me up after work and drop off at home every night.

One night, all teachers and other staff waited to decorate the school for the school anniversary. We were all busy and the decoration was almost done by midnight. I told my husband (back then my boyfriend) to sleep and that I would go home with my friends. It started raining heavily and there was no way I could go home. 

Just then, my husband called me and I was thrilled that he was checking on me. I was in for a real surprise when I answered the phone. He was waiting outside the school with an umbrella. Yes, he came to take me home because he was worried that I might not be able to get a taxi and go home since it was so late. 

I ran out to meet him and he crossed the road to meet me. I was a bit drenched but grinning from ear to ear because that was the exact moment when I knew that he was THE ONE. You see, he came to pick me up in the middle of the night because he cared about me and I knew that he would always look after me and never abandon me. 


When we dated, we used to chat a lot on MSN. We also met from a website called friends forever...I think! He used to listen to "When I dream at night" quite often. We listened to this song together too. When Dhiraagu introduced dedicating song service, my husband used this service and dedicated this song for me. 

What you have to do to dedicate a song using Dhiraagu and dial a number, if you want record your message and choose a song from the available list and enter the precipitants number! Even though I've listened to Mark Anthony's When I dream at a night a million times, when I answer the call and get the message that Ahmed Shaz has dedicated this song for me, it's like I'm listening to this song for the first time!


Nope, I never worried about my family not liking him because I knew that they would love him. Yes they did and even my parents approved. You see, he is very clean and near all the time. He always looks as if he just walked out of the shower and got dressed! He is tall and so darn handsome plus, he is soft spoken and awfully nice to everyone. So how could anyone ever hate him! 


Yes, we still go out on dates even though this is the ninth year that we've been married and tenth year together! And the best part is, nothing much has changed about our dates! We usually go to Dine More because we love submarine sandwiches. Some times, we go for a long ride and buy some peanuts and a coke bottle and sit near Dharubaaruge, jetty or the beach and share our bottle of coke and eat peanuts. He may be soft spoken but I love his sense of humour and every minute with him would be fun. Yes, together we have so much fun and I'm never bored when I'm with him. I eagerly look forward to go out with him because we get to go out by ourselves once in a blue moon nowadays! YES!!! KIDS!!! But the time we spend with our children is priceless and we are so happy to spend time with them. Any way, when they grow up, we can start going out again and I'm sure it's just going to be great! What we eat or where we go really doesn't matter as long as we are together, that's all that matters. 


Yes, today is his special day! Oh yes! I will tell you all about his birthday celebrations soon!