Looks can deceive you!

It was a hot and a sunny day. As I got out of the taxi, I quickly ran towards the bank to get out of the direct rays if sunlight mercilessly burning my face. I was greeted by a cool atmosphere and noisy chatter of people who were at the bank to retrieve money or deposit money. I quickly scanned the crowd and realized that the place was packed. There was a long queue at the token machine and as I feared, there were about three hundred people waiting to be served before me.

I stood for a good 40 minutes before someone stood up and walked towards the counter. I quickly dashed towards the chair he vacated before someone else could sit on it. On the way, I noticed two men with huge afros looking at me and smirking. I quickly averted my eyes and focused on the chair. If I wasn’t fast enough, I would have to stand for god knows how long.

Once seated, I looked around and noticed that a third guy had joined the afro group and all of them were looking at me. Oh dear, were they planning to harass me? Or worse, rob me? My hands trembled and I started to sweat like a pig. I held on to my bag for dear life and mopped my face with a hankie as I tried to look calm. However, my efforts were wasted and I looked like a scared little mouse.

I looked at them from the corner of my eye and saw them looking at me and saying something. One of them noticed me eyeing them and elbowed the guy who had the biggest afro of all. They all laughed and I quickly looked away. They knew that I was scared and that I was looking at them. I tried to take a few deep breaths in order to calm down. Oh well, they cannot just come and attack me, especially in a public place like this, can they! People would intervene and stop them. Even if people were a bit hesitant to help the victims when especially the attackers were around, they would call an ambulance once they make their grand exit. Wow, that was a relief, I wouldn’t bleed to death for after all!

After some time, I looked up and saw the guy with biggest afro of all marching towards me. There was a little smile slowly spreading over his stubby face. Well, for a partey, this guy looked quite clean though his afro spoke millions about his character. He stopped right in front of me and I stopped breathing for a minute, I was really scared. Alright, this was it, he was going to pull out a knife from his pocket and stab me. I closed my eyes and waited for him to do his dirty work!

Since nothing happened, I opened my eyes and there he was, standing in front me. When I looked up, his slow smile broke into a huge grin and he placed a piece of paper in my hands and when I looked at it, I forgot all my worries. I managed to say thank you and he was gone. His friends’ guffawed loudly when he joined the afro gang, obviously laughing at me, but I was pleased as punch. The guy with the huge afro has given me his token number! There were only ten people ahead of me.

I wonder why they had to go through all that drama to give me the token number! I wonder what they were thinking! Anyway, all the guys with huge afros and skinny’s about to fall off their body because their pants are lowered till their bum line is visible to the person standing or walking behind them, they might actually do something nice for you instead of attacking you.


  1. Anonymous said...

    hahahaaa ok thats funny

  2. Dhunna said...

    So true. :) looks can deceive us