It was another boring day. I tried to pay attention to what this person was explaining but as usual I lost interest and thought about what has happened and how my life has changed ever since that incident.

This whole this started two weeks ago when I discovered that my parents were aliens. Yes, this might be something totally ballistic and unreal but it is true. I remember our trip to Add last holidays and it was in this beautiful island that my parents got abducted.

You might be wondering why I’m blabbing nonsense, so please kindly read on and you will come to know the reasons. Firstly, my parents are not ordinary people, yes, my father is the president of this country and my mother is the first lady. Since my parents forgot about my birthday, they were willing to do anything that I requested to make it up to me. So one fine morning while we were having breakfast, I realized that I wanted to visit Addu and told my parents. Luckily they agreed and I waited patiently for the mid-term holidays.

When we reached the island, the bridge was empty and the usual crowd that gathered where ever my father went to welcome him was not there. I smiled happily to myself because I wouldn’t have to force myself to smile and stand for an hour. It’s not that I didn’t like the well wishers it's just that I have this phobia about meeting strangers. I usually take a while to get to know other people and befriend them.

The first two days were amazing, I played in the beach while my parents rested and then together we swam and built sandcastles. After having lunch, we went for a walk and then at about six in the afternoon, I looked outside and I saw a huge metal ball sort of thing in the sky. I quickly ran to tell my mom and together we went outside to check. Since the spaceship was not there, my mother thought that I was pulling her leg but I wasn’t and she wouldn’t even listen to me.

However, that night, they came for us. Oh yes they did! How can I forget? My mom woke me up and spoke to me in a hushed tone. Instantly, I knew that something was very wrong. She asked me to be very quiet and showed me the window. Just then I heard my father talking to someone, he didn't sound happy at all. 

Then my mom said, "Hurry, get out, don’t look back". 

"What about you and dad", I blurted out.

"We'll be right behind you", she said. 

But I wasn't convinced. She hugged me and promised to follow me. I got out of the window and ran as fast I could. Just then I heard my father's scream followed by my mother's shrill cry and then, my mother screamed one last time. I hid behind a tree and I saw two figures coming out of the house, they were looking for something, they were looking for me, I realized.

One of them said, "Where is that kid?" 

The other figure replied, "I don't think they brought him with them". 

"Fine, let's get out of here", said the first one. 

When they left, I waited for the sun to rise, however, I dozed off in the end…

Shama read the little story Anfal always write and kept it on his night stand. She looked at the sleeping boy sadly. 

"What a way to spend the rest of your life", she whispered. She locked the door and left the room.

“He has written another story”, she told Himna who was sitting in the nurses lounge, enjoying a cup of coffee. 

“Poor little fellow, he saw them murder his parents, poor poor little fellow”, she said. 

“When they found his, he was sitting outside, chanting, “The aliens are here, they took my parents!”. 

He is just nine years old” She mused. 

“Well, at least his story changes gradually, I mean, at first it was the aliens who killed them, but now, they have taken over his parents’ body. May be some day he would come to terms with what has happened and what he has witnessed’ said Himna.

May be it was better for little Anfal to go on like that. His parents murders were never found and neither the body guard who accompanied them for their private holiday. Though Anfal witnessed the murder from the window before he ran for his life, he didn’t see their faces. However, they knew his face well they just couldn’t find him that night!