Pumpkin Head

It was a rainy afternoon, the roads were empty and looked as if it was haunted. The rain poured down as the strong wind forced its way through the empty streets. Everyone who lived in this small town were sipping hot tea and sitting in front of the fire.

However, Raiaan and Aiham were stuck in the rain. They both day dreamed of their cozy home as they waited in the small shelter of a little roof that extended just enough to keep them from drenching.

“Please stop raining, Raiaan said in a nasal voice.

“Stop that’, Aiham immediately shot back.

He was annoyed. After all it was because of Raiaan that they were stuck in the pouring rain. If it wasn’t for him, Aiham would be at home, drinking hot chocolate and listening to his grandpa’s story.

Suddenly Raiaan saw the lights of the corner shop light up. His eyes grew wide as his eyes rested on the humongous pumpkin that was placed in the center of the shop. A goofy smile slowly spread over his face and as if he was in a trance, he took quick little steps and broke into a run.

When Aiham saw this, he looked up into the sky, raised his hands and screamed, “WHY?”

When he looked down, Raiaan was entering an empty shop that looked as if it would fall down any minute.

“I’m not going in there Raiaan and when the rain stops, I’m going to go home”, Aiham said.

But Raiaan didn’t even seem to be aware of what Aiham have said. He just dashed into the empty shop, laughing like a maniac.

When Raiaan entered the shop, the door slammed behind him with a loud thud which shook the door frame violently. He quickly looked around to see whether there was anyone in sight. When he couldn’t find anyone, he smiled proudly to himself and all most screamed with joy as he skipped towards the humongous pumpkin. As he touched the pumpkin, the lights suddenly went out, leaving the place in an eerie darkness and he felt even more excited. He threw his head back and laughed straight from the belly. He stopped laughing when a yellowish orange light slowly started to spread over the whole place. He blinked his eyes to make sure that he was not dreaming and he thought of pinching himself too, but since he didn’t want to let go of the pumpkin, he kept on hugging it.

He stopped laughing when he realized that he was not in the shop anymore. He looked around and realized that it was a farm or perhaps a field. Just then he heard a wicked laugh of an old woman. He couldn’t find anyone and then suddenly a black shoe fell from the sky. He looked up and saw a witch in a broom flying over him cackling away like a mad woman. She was accompanied by about a thousand witches who cackled just like her and then they lowered their broom like an experienced pilot to land on the ground.

As soon as their feet touched the ground, they stampeded towards different directions screaming, "Lets find that boy".

"Ooooh, boy, boy...oooh', Raiaan cried unaware that they were looking for him!

He climbed the pumpkin and tried to get a glimpse of the boy the witches were looking for. They searched everywhere and then suddenly, one of the witches saw Raiaan standing on the humongous pumpkin.

"There he is", she screeched and all the witches rushed towards him.

"Oooh witches", Raiaan looked at everyone unaware of the danger he was in.

The witches zapped him one by one after chanting a spell. Just then , out of the blue, Aiham fell from the sky. He saw Raiaans head placed on top of a huge pumpkin. When he saw the witches chanting the spell and zapping him, he knew that they were turning him into a pumpkin.

He attacked the witch who looked really frail and took away her broom and magic stick. He just pointed the stick and zapped at all the witches who charged at him. After about five minutes there weren't any witches around. he looked at the pumpkin near him and lightly tapped his finger on it.

"Don't do that, it hurts", Raiaan cried.

Aiham realized that Raiaan was alive and he was so happy.

"I'll try to change you back', he said in a shaky voice.

He kept on zapping Raiaan and he managed to get his hands and feet but he was unable to get his head back.

"I'm so sorry Raiaan, I cant change you back", Aiham said sadly.

"Don't worry Aiham, you know I love pumpkins, I don't mind having a pumpkin for a head."

They stood together, holding each others hand and closed their eyes. When they opened their eyes, they were back in the old building.

From that day on wards Raiaan was known as the Pumpkin head and everyone loved him because he scared the crows from everyone's farm. For his great kindness, they all rewarded him with a pumpkin and he was as pleased as punch.

They destroyed the old building in the corner because they found out that witches from another dimension used that building as a station to lure kids to their world and practice their zapping skills. Aiham and Raiaan remained as best friends and they lived happily ever after.



Jazwa looked at the group of teenagers hanging out together and looked away quickly, to hide her disappointment. Her pet cat, Stella meowed and pressed her body against Jazwa’s feet and settled herself comfortably. 

“What have I done?” she asked Stella in a small voice as she carelessly stroked her head.

She closed her eyes and tried to block all the horrible memories that were about to spill out of the sack that she so badly wanted to seal. However, it was impossible. Soon she was engulfed by a tidal wave of the day’s incidents. She was so lost that she didn’t even notice the small crowd of boys and girls of her age, pointing their finger at her, at the same time trying to keep a low profile which surely would not have been successful if she had paid attention.

“Hey, where are you?, Jazwa said in a cheery voice. 

“Who is this?” replied her best friend. 

“Come on, stop pulling my leg, it’s me”, she tried again. 

“Look, I think you have got the wrong person, bye, Malsha replied curtly and hung up. 

Jazwa stared at the phone for several minutes and rang back again. Malsha didn’t even answer her call. She wondered what has happened to her best friend and couldn’t think of anything.

So she went over to her house and rang the bell. Malsha’s mother answered the door and said, "Well hello dear, what are you still doing here?"

“What do you mean’, Jazwa asked confused. 

"Well, your gang was here a few hours ago, they all were planning to do something extravagant, I suppose, from what I have over heard", she said and smiled at Jazwa kindly. 

Jazwa didn’t know what to say because her friends have never ever gone anywhere without her. 

“Well, I have to go now, b-bye, Jazwa stammered and ran down the steps. 

“Oh no, is it something I said, she said to herself and quickly went inside and dialed her daughters mobile number.

“Surprise", her friends screamed at the top of their voice. Jazwa was so startled that she nearly fell off the bench that was sitting on. 

“Hey silly girl, we were going to surprise you’, Malsha said. 

“Yeah, we were just buying a cake when you called", Neelam explained. 

“When mom called we all got so worried", Malsha said. 

“Thank god, I thought you guys deserted me on my birthday", Jazwa said. 

“Come on, we would never do that", Rifdha said in a happy voice.

“Now, lets go to your house and eat this yummy cake we bought for you”, said Malsha impatiently.

 “Oh, I have a better idea, let’s stuff our faces right here in this park", said Jazwa and they all laughed and went to Jazwa’s house. 

They sang the birthday song as Jazwa cut the cake and gave her the presents they have bought for the birthday girl.