The Party

On a cold morning, Mickey and Minnie went out for a morning stroll. They wore their favorite wellingtons and walked through the forest. 

"Did you hear about Tiaana and Prince Naveen?" asked Minnie. 

"Yes, I hear they are awfully nice and fun to be with", replied Mickey. 

"I’m dying to meet them, actually it’s been a while since we all got together and had some fun", Minnie said.

Suddenly Mickey had a great idea. "Lets throw a party and then we could have a blast together". 

"Yeah, that would be great’, Minnie said with a huge smile on her face.

So they rushed home and gave the good news to Donald Duck and Goofy who gladly agreed to help them. 

"I’ll decorate the hall", Goofy volunteered. 

"I’ll deliver all the invitation cards", Donald agreed happily.

They all sat down and prepared a list of thing they would need and a list of tasks that they had to accomplish to make the party a success. Minnie made a list of guests and then they all checked whether they have included all their good friends. 

"We don’t want to forget anyone", said Mickey in a serious voice.

They checked the lists and went for shopping. They had so much to buy and they had a great time in the mall.

The next day, they started to decorate the hall and Donald went off to deliver all the invitation cards.
By the time they finished decorating it was almost dinner time. They were exhausted but still they were excited. 

"I can’t wait for the party", Minnie gushed. 

"Me either", Mickey agreed.

“Hey, where is Donald?" Asked Goofy concerned. 

“I don’t think that he has returned home’, said Mickey. 

"Oh dear, did something awful happen to poor Donald, Minnie started to panic.

"Don’t worry, we’ll go and look for him", Mickey said trying to sound calm.

They all went out and walked a short distance and found Donald sitting on the side of the road. They all ran towards him to see what has happened to him.

"I just got tired and sat down to rest", Donald said sheepishly when he saw how concerned his friends were.

"Oh you silly little duck, Minnie said relieved and they went home together to have their supper while Donald told them about his day.

"First I went to the Hundred Acre Woods and delivered the card to Pooh and his friends", said Donald proudly. 

"They were having brunch and invited me to have some honey with them", he explained. 

"It was delicious and Pooh and his friends said that they would bring some honey for the party", he said. 

"That would be lovely’, Minnie exclaimed. 

"Mmmm, I also love honey", Mickey said in a dreamy voice.

"Next I met Bugs Bunny and his gang, they were so excited about the part and they promised to bring some carrots and chocolate cake", said Donald. 

"Oh that’s great", Minnie was pleased. 

"So everyone is coming huh?’ asked Mickey. 

"Yes, they all agreed and said that they were looking forward to the party", Donald said excitedly.

"Oh and you know I was very lucky today", said Donald. 

"Why is that’, asked Mickey? 

"I met all the princesses today, they were doing a photo shoot together, so I didn’t have to go to each castle. They even promised deliver the message to the Kings, Queens and their Prince", Donald sounded relieved. 

"Yes you are very lucky indeed", they all agreed.

Donald continued his tale as they ate their dinner. He was so excited. 

"I went to the Jungle, Wendy’s house, Neverland and so many places today’, he said. 

"Oh and you wont believe this, even the Hyena’s agreed to come", he said in a low voice. 

"No way’, they chorused together. 

"Oh, they did, when I reached Pride Rock, they were all resting after lunch’, he explained. 

"Wow, that’s really nice, said Minnie amazed. 

"They must have solved their problem’, Goofy said happily.

The next morning everyone woke up feeling excited about the part that they were all attending that night. At about six o’ clock in the afternoon, the guests started arriving.

First Jasmine and Aladdin flew all the way from Agrabah on their magic carpet. Mickey and his friends welcomed them and waited for the other guests to arrive.

Soon all their friends arrived and they started playing music for them. Everyone danced and had fun. They were having so much fun together.

They even managed to take a lovely photo of all the beautiful princesses!!!

‘This picture would hang on my wall from tomorrow on wards", said Mickey and they all laughed together.

Finally, Prince Naveen and Princess Tiaana arrived. They all rushed to meet them. They welcomed the newest couple of the Disney family and continued to have fun.

Prince Naveen and Tiaana were so happy to meet everyone. They have been so busy with Tiaana’s restaurant’s grand opening that they haven’t had time to meet all the characters properly.

They all had a great time, dancing and eating honey and other yummy goods they brought. Before they finished the party, they all agreed that they should have a party at least once a month on a regular basis because it was so much fun to meet all their buddies and have a great time together.