Pink Socks

As I stepped out of the hotel I was staying, the cool breeze of summer embraced me. I looked around at the unfamiliar environment. I decided to go for a walk, may be explore the new surroundings. I saw a big building ahead of me. There were lots of people gathered around the building. As I quickened my pace and came closer, I heard some of them even cheering. May be they were having some sort of religious ceremony.

Since it was my first trip to India and I was having a blast. I’ve visited lots museums and parks already. When I woke up that morning, I decided to just roam around without a particular destination to see what I could find. The huge house looks like as interesting place. I stood among the large crowd and I had no idea why they were so excited.

Somehow, I managed to squeeze through them and I saw cameras and lots of people busily rushing around. After a while they were ready and the legendary Hindi movie star Amitab Bachan took his place in the center. 

As the director said ‘and…..action’, he suddenly dropped down on his knees and started crying his eyes out. He looked up to the ceiling and raised his head and howled in a pained voice. 

‘My socks’, ‘my beautiful pink socks’ he sobbed. I can’t find them anywhere. He kept on crying and everyone watched the scene in progress, mesmerized.

A chill ran through my body as I continued to watch in amazement. I could boast for a month I thought feeling lucky. 

‘Cut’ commanded the director but still Amitab looked heartbroken. He is good, I thought with admiration. He still looks so sad and his emotions were so real. 

The director looked around his staff and demanded ‘bring the pink socks”. 

A timid looking girl stepped forward and stammered, 'I…er I forgot to bring them sir'. 

The director looked as if someone slapped his face. Everyone looked worried like someone died in front of them, even the crowd stood still. Everyone seems to know what was going on, except me. Since I looked puzzled, the woman standing next to me explained what was going on. 

She said in a hushed voice, Amitab has a little problem about crying scenes, you see he cannot stop crying until he gets what he wants’. I raised by eyebrows even more confused. 

She continued, ‘for example if he is doing a scene about his mother’s death, they have to give him a picture of his mother once the scene is over so he could stop crying’. 

So until he gets his pink socks he won’t be able to stop. The nearest shop to this mansion was about four miles away.Amitab continued his howling and the director looked around with pleading eyes. 

‘Is anyone at least wearing pink socks?’ he said in a hoarse voice. 

I looked down at my feet and realized that I was wearing pink socks and so did the people standing around me. 

‘She is wearing pink socks’, everyone chanted in a scary manner. 

I felt numb when everyone started to come towards me. I had a strong feeling that this won’t be very pleasant. But there was no way out, I was standing in the middle of the crowd. 

‘Get her socks!’ someone yelled from the crowd. 

‘Hold her tightly and get her socks’ commanded the director. 

I was so scared that I even forgot to scream.They started to pull my hair and clothes. Suddenly someone pushed me from behind. As a result I was lying on the ground and someone pulled out my shoes. 

‘Please don’t do that’. I begged and screamed but they didn’t listen. I opened my eyes and I saw my husband and I was so happy that I even started crying. 

‘Hey, it’s just a dream, he said in a kind voice. 

‘Oh yes, I was still in bed, thank god!’ I thought relieved.

We ordered breakfast and I quickly washed myself. He was reading the paper as I took a sip of coffee. 

“I think we should go and check out the mansion sweet heart, a very famous director is filming his latest movie there today’. 

My blood ran cold and I felt my bowels loosening. I quickly stepped out to the balcony and craned my neck towards the direction of the mansion. Oh no! I didn’t want this dream to come true!!!!!!

I ran into the room and quickly rummaged through my belongings. 'Ah, there you are', I cried happily. My husband looked at me as if I were a hooligan. I ran out to the balcony once again and threw my pink socks out.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Interesting and funny story.If any one ask me to give my socks to Amithab, I 'll definitely give give them. After all he is a superstar.hehe

  2. Anonymous said...

    THAANIYA:OOOOOOOOH,,,what a nice dream ..that was a nice story too...!i just cant say what is nice,the dream or the story...after all, that comes in one........

  3. Aishaz said...

    Thank you Thaaniya :)

  4. Unknown said...

    hey it was a lovely story
    u do write interestin stories eh?
    anway fromnow onwards ill be a regular reader

  5. Anonymous said...

    heheheheh nice story again herheheheheheheh

  6. @nj! said...

    lurv tht pink sox story!wel dun