Happily Married

When two people fall in love they would obviously want to spend their life together. Marriage is their ultimate answer. People in different societies and cultures have different ceremonies where they are joined together for life.

The first few months would be magical. The young couple would be madly in love with each other. They would go for walks, have romantic candle light dinners, go for breakfast, refer to each other with their own special nick names and would dress up for their spouse. Yes, the first few months are the happiest days they have ever experienced but why can’t it last?

Some people might say that it’s because they just finished their honeymoon and now it’s time to introduce or meet the real person. Does this have to be true, I mean come on? Just because you are married doesn’t mean that you have to stop dressing for your beloved husband or stop using deodorant. Of course you would stink and you won’t look like the pretty princess anymore! Then again people might say that you should love the real person for who he or she is.

Why do we dress nicely for our lovers when we date? It’s because we want to please them. We are not laying a trap for our pray and then wham! We nail them and get married. So afterwards we are bound to be together for life. So we just stay at home without even taking a shower or changing clothes until hubby darling comes home to discover a tramp! Lovely, isn’t it!

The sad truth is that some people do think that it is not important to dress up once we are married. This eventually leads his or her partner to lose interest in them. It would be so pleasant for the dear husband to see his beloved wife all fresh and dressed, opening the door to welcome him home with a melon size smile on her face instead of a grumpy nagging fish wife.

There would be a lot of instances where we would disagree on certain issues and have to compromise. Since life is full of surprises and the couple might have to work around the clock but still, they should have sometime for themselves and share their lives. They should support each other in everything they do, be there to share each other’s happiness, sorrows, success and even pain. The key to happiness is being loyal, kind, loving and respecting each other’s feelings. Do little things like kissing or hugging your husband or wife after coming home from work. Yes, we need to sustain the magic that once attracted each other.


  1. Unknown said...

    Aisha... it's really great!! you are a wonderful writer!! I really liked this one...

  2. thaniya said...

    that was a nice story.....i liked it............and you do dress well....hehe!!!!!