About Me

Hello Everyone,

My name is Aishath Suad but in my bloggy world, I'm known as AISHAZ. I've combined my first name and my husband's name because we belong together even in this virtual world and simply because I'm a hopeless romantic!

I'm a mom of two adorable children! My eldest is six years old and she started first grade this year. My little guy is just one and half and I'm glad and sad at the same time because I feel that my little baby is growing up too fast. My better half works in the Airports Company and together we live a happy life. Yes, life is beautiful for us in the sunny side of life (Maldives) and we are grateful.

My better half (Ahmed Shaz), My son (Mishaal) and my daughter (Maleesha)

I'm also a working mum who teaches at the Maldives National University. I love writing and this blog is where I brag about my loved ones, express myself and share stories that I write. I try to update my blog as frequently as I can, but juggling two kids and work leaves me with quite limited for blogging. However, this year, I've promised myself that I would update my blog more frequently. So I hope that you would visit my blog more often and let me know what you think of my posts too.

I love reading, writing and keeping in touch with friends. I love traveling but haven't done much traveling yet. I love teaching and as you can guess, I love my job. Oh and I love cooking for my family and spending time with my darlings, they are my world.

I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. I hope I would meet lots of new friends and get this little blog of mine mingling with other blogs.

Warm regards,