If you have ever met Rashad, you’ll never be able to forget him. He might call you by another name since he is so forgetful but still you won’t be offended. You’ll be happy to see him and he would help you out in any way he can. That’s why everybody loves him so much no matter how much they lose by trusting him.
Rashad is the eldest of three children. As a kid, he used to be quite and well behaved. Once he completed his studies he got a job from an office. Married twice with no kids he is a content man. People refer to Rashad’s little blunders quite fondly.

One year ago his brother had to leave the country for a meeting. So, helpful Rashad dropped by every night to check on his sister in law. One night she packed food for her mother who is a widow living all by herself and a bag junk to throw to the junk yard. She asked him to deliver them to the respective places since he dropped by to check on her. Unfortunately, by mistake, he threw the food to the junk yard and delivered the bag of junk to the poor old woman. When his sister in law told him about it the next morning, he actually skipped work and went to the junk yard to look for it!

Once Rashad and his wife bought a new furniture set for their bedroom. After coming home, his wife sent him to buy a mattress for their king sized bed. He came home with a mattress that would fit a single bed. His wife was furious but since it was Rashad, she went back to the shop with him to exchange it for a mattress that would fit their bed. By the time they reached the shop they were about to close for the night and the shopkeeper was not pleased at all. That was the only time his wife ever trusted him on an errand.

Rashad is also concerned about his protruding stomach. One of his friends advised him to eat garlic. According to him, garlic burns flab faster than any silly exercise. Since Rashad wanted to get a surf board tummy in a week to impress his wife, he started eating garlic like a maniac. He ate up one kilogram of garlic in a day. As a result he was reeking of garlic from a hundred mile radius. But his friends put up with him without even flinching even though it was impossible for them to breath.

When his wife went off to Malaysia for a seminar, he wept in front of everyone in the airport. When the day of her arrival came he was busy cleaning the bathroom. First he emptied a bottle bleach followed by two more strong toilet cleaning liquids. His eyes started watering and he started to hyperventilate. He just barely staggered out of the bathroom and passed out. Still he made it to the airport on time to receive his wife with a weak smile and a bit shaken. She had to rush him into the emergency room from there.

He would be there when you are moving to a new apartment to help you carry the heavy furniture. He would be there for you when you need a lift in the odd hours like two in the morning. He would take care of your garbage like it was something he enjoyed doing. He is just so helpful and kind that people forget his clumsiness and the trouble they have to go through because of him. If anyone could get away with murder, I believe it would be everyone’s dear old Rashad.


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